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October 07, 2022

All About Websites Designing and Development

If you have any business or you want to move your business to the digital platform. So for that, you need a place which is called Web Hosting, a Business name which is called Domain, and business material which is called a Website. You may have seen the different designs of the websites, that represent your business online worldwide. Whenever you visit a website, when you look at the design of the website, you see the design, contents, and decoration of the website, it depends on how it was designed and presented.

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Today we will discuss What is website and what is Web Designing & Web Development in Website. If you have knowledge of the computer, you will definitely know a little bit about web design, and where it begins. 

If you want to earn money by developing the Website or by becoming a good web designer. So first you have good knowledge about web design because without it you cannot create a website without becoming a web designer. Visit frequently when people see the design of a website well. thereby increasing the chance of earning money. If you have to know about Web design, you can read our blog about What is Website.

What is web designing?

Developing websites on the internet is like building a home as we built when we have land and we want a home on those land. Same as we need land that means Web Hosting, and the name means Domain Name with a good attractive name. Before we build our website, then we design the website after completing the roadmap of the website like a map of a home, and it’s called Web designing itself. In designing Graphic designing also come but this purely depends on Graphics, so never merge this with UI/UX Designing. Websites come in 2 types

  1. Static Websites
  2. Dynamic Websites

Web designing consists of two parts as I explained the first design that we designed the front end, and then looking at the design will create the entire website, so it’s both different in the way that the coding is called the baked and designing. Both of them have different jobs which are given below.

Front-End Web Designing

As the name suggests, the first end of Web design is the design of the front. The work of front and design is the same as we make it beautiful by color outside of the home. It is kept in mind where to put on so that the incoming user doesn’t have much trouble finding the content.

What is Web Development?

Web developers, or ‘devs’, develop a website by using a variety of coding languages like PHP+Mysql, Python+Django, Angular+Rect/Node, Java, WordPress, etc. The languages they use totally depend on the types of tasks and the requirements of the client they are performing and the platforms on which they are working.

Nowadays in the Digital market, web development skills are in high demand worldwide and they will get good pay amounts. It is one of the best but easiest and most accessible higher-paid fields as you do not need a traditional university degree to become qualified. But you have good knowledge about the technologies and you have to be aware of the all updates about the languages whatever you use.‚Äč


Web Developers:


  • The developer always writes the code that makes a website function.

  • Create or implement designs demanded by a client or created by a design team

  • Need expert-level knowledge of a variety of programming languages, including HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS, PHP, and JavaScript but also extending to other languages (Ruby, C/C++, Python), frameworks, and libraries

  • Developers develop an admin panel for the clients so they can easily handle their website or software with their own hands.