Mudgil Technology

December 20, 2022

Software and Technical Service Provider

Nowadays most of the companies use third-party IT services where they chose multiple services like Technical Services, Software Services, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, etc.

Mudgil Technology is one of the leading technology company based in Gurugram provides top-quality service to their client or business partners.


The experience to smooth your path to technology modernization

From supporting traditional infrastructure architectures to enabling dynamic infrastructures, demands on technology professionals are increasing. When you need a partner to streamline and take the strain from new technology introduction and support, we have teams of experts who are ready to work with you. Our technology modernization resources are truly global with local knowledge and the most up-to-date technology and professional expertise. Optimizing lifecycle value from your investments means making the right decisions at the right time, and leveraging best-practice experience to design and deliver technology projects on schedule, avoiding common pitfalls. From the initial planning of your new initiatives to flexible IT staff augmentation, we can help you meet your strategic and day-to-day challenges.

Innovative Design

Our designs follow best practices and validated architectures with automated and streamlined processes.

Proven processes to de-risk implementation

Staging and testing at your premises or an NTT site to ensure smooth implementation and integration into your existing environment.

Project lifecycle management

Proven frameworks, methodologies, and tools for project delivery across multiple technologies, with efficient management of risk, time, and resources.

Flexible access to skilled resources

Specialist skills to support specific requirements including software development and operations, testing, commissioning, design, and consulting.

So, whether you need specialist skills to deliver projects to specification and on time, or additional in-house technology or application expertise, you can always rely on our proven innovation and technical services experience to support you.


The innovation and experience to take services to the next level

Our data-driven Software Lifecycle Services – are a combination of people, tools, and processes designed to support enhanced IT operations. SDI Controller and Use Case Activation accelerators unlock the potential of software-defined technologies to accelerate the shift to digital business models.  The consolidation of multiple data sources into one Services Portal reduces complexity providing key insights for increased visibility and control.  Expert recommendations based on data analysis focus on ensuring lifecycle value can be achieved from your software and associated hardware.

Accelerate the shift to a subscription services model

Our single sign-on Services Portal consolidates multiple data sources providing data-driven insights and advisories for optimized license management.

Keep infrastructure up and running

Technical expertise and superior delivery experience to support business continuity.

Faster time to value

Activation accelerators and proven use cases for streamlined technology activation and deployment. 

Continuous ROI improvement

Recommendations and adoption services to drive business outcome realization and continuous ROI.